A back brace who can't feel on your body

The high-level comfort is thanks to our new concept: a back support with air-cushioned system and the support tension-springs. Thanks to new design it’s now possible to make twisting and bending movements much easier and with comfort. Verteby offer adjustable back support from low/corector to high/support, from 2 to 10 tension springs. Designed that are gently hugging you for some reason. It might be a bit hyperbolic, but it's also SUPER comfy.

Verteby Features

COMFORTABLE - Created to be more comfortable than all products on the market. Is the world's first back brace that uses air-cells system and multi spring to effectively help your back.

ADJUSTABLE - Have multiple adjustments: waist strap, shoulders straps, and level of support - from low (corrector) to high (support), from two to ten support tension-springs.

TOP-QUALITY - Verteby has a contemporary design, manufactured with top-quality and non-toxin materials. That makes it durable, breathable, lightweight and stylish.

ERGONOMIC - Developed ergonomically to improve, correct and support your posture, and reduce back discomfort or back pain literally.

UNISEX - Our back brace is designed for both women and men. Easy to use for all adult age categories.

WASHABLE - Is tested to last and maintain shape for over eighty washes, made to hold its form even after years of repeated use.


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